Our Product

Peatcense®/Breath of Scotland® is a unique product, manufactured in the Scottish Highlands from the highest quality ingredients.


Our cones bring the aroma of the traditional Scottish peat fire into your home in a convenient and easy to use form.


Whether you wish to evoke memories of the traditional Scottish home of our ancestors or are simply creating the ambience for settling down with a nice dram of Scotch whisky, Peatcense® is for you.


Each high quality tin contains 20 cones which are held securely to prevent damage in transit.


The quality of the presentation makes Peatcense® suitable as a gift.




Instructions for Use


Cones must be burned on a non-flammable, secure surface out of the reach of children, to prevent spillage.


Each cone will smoulder for 20 - 25 minutes, but will remain hot for over 1 hour.


It is therefore advisable to leave the cone to cool before disposing of the ashes.


See below for a short video on our product including details of how to light the cone.